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Few things are more important to your child’s health than nutrition, but this is an area where many families struggle. If you need guidance and support with nutrition, the team at Advanced Pediatrics in Vienna, Virginia, is here to help. You can call the office during normal business hours to book an appointment or use the online scheduling page 24/7.

What types of things can be discussed during a nutrition assessment?

 Some examples include:

• Feeding difficulties at any age
• Particular eating patterns to include disordered eating or particular/”picky” eating
• Infant nutrition, to include starting solids, formula, and breastfeeding questions, weight management
• Nutrient deficiencies and/or altered lab work
• Constipation/GI issues
• Food allergies and intolerances
• Medical conditions/chronic health conditions (to include, but not limited to diabetes, kidney or cardiac issues, and neurologic concerns)
• Assistance with meal planning, building a healthy plate, and family eating habits
• Sports or athlete nutrition focus
• Growth and Weight Concerns
• Failure to thrive and malnutrition
• Medication interactions and nutrition involvement (ex: eating to complement certain medications, like ADHD medications)
• Food Safety and Preventive Nutrition
• Specialized diets (ex: vegetarian or vegan diets, lactose-free, etc)

Find comfort that most any nutrition and feeding-related issue can be addressed here at Advanced Pediatrics, with a comfort zone from infancy to teenagers and beyond! We strive to provide as much guidance and support as you and your family desire while working towards a more balanced nutrition plan.