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Lab Tests

Lab Tests

Lab Services

Laboratory testing for children is a special service, which requires special expertise. Our lab technicians at Advanced Pediatrics are skilled professionals familiar with working with all our pediatric patients, newborns through adolescents. Advanced Pediatrics takes pride in having a high-quality laboratory onsite for your convenience. We know how busy everyone can get and this service allows one less offsite appointment.  The in-house lab ensures quicker delivery of test results, which allows for faster diagnoses and treatment for your children. Any specialized lab that we cannot be run inhouse we will send out  from our lab for your convenience. All test results can be viewed in the Patient Portal 

Please call our office to schedule a lab appointment if you have outside lab orders or if one of our providers has ordered labs to be done at a later appointment date. 


If you have a lab order that requires fasting, your child should abstain from eating or drinking anything besides water 12 hours prior to the blood draw.

Urine & Stool Specimens

Please consult the lab for specific specimen requirements, including collection kits. Collection kits are essential to ensure the sample is collected correctly and to prevent contamination.

In House Labs Offered

  • Rapid Flu Swab
  • Rapid Strep Swab, Strep Culture
  • Rapid RSV Swab
  • Rapid Covid Swab
  • Hemoglobin (Hgb)
  • Lead (Fe)
  • Bilirubin
  • Mononucleosis (Mono)
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • C-reactive protein (CRP)
  • Lipid Panel (Cholesterol Test)

Common Send Out Labs

  • Sed rate, or erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)
  • Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP)
  • Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP)
  • Blood Cultures
  • Coagulation Studies (Platelets, PT, APTT, INR)
  • Celiac Test
  • Thyroid Function (TSH)
  • Food Allergy IgE
  • Environmental Allergy IgE
  • Hormone Studies (Testosterone, Dehydroepiandrosterone-sulfate (DHEA-S), Prolactin, Estradiol, Luteinizing hormone (LH), Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH)

How to Prepare For A Successful Blood Draw 

For Parents                   For Kids 

*There is a waiver and fee associated with some of these services*