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6 Years Old

6 year old boy
Your 6 year old is moving toward more independence, building up confidence, and may feel they are ready to enter the big kids world. Fantasy play starts to diminish as they want to engage in activities that are “real.” However, they will still experience some insecurity that comes with stepping into the big world without the constant comfort of their parents. As they increase participation with activities without a parent, they may crave attention, affection, and comfort at home. They will likely want to show off their newly learned skills to a meaningful audience and so watching your child perform and praising them can boost their self esteem.

Pre-Visit Questionnaires

Please complete the following forms before the visit and upload to the portal as able.

Vaccinations for this visit

○ Seasonal Influenza Vaccine

Potential School Forms

Your child may require a school health form be completed by your provider for Kindergarten.

Additional Screenings at this visit

The following testing will be completed at the 6 year old check up.

Hearing Test
Vision Test


Sensory and Motor

Usually have good balance and enjoy running, jumping, skipping with ease, and other forms of physical play
Demonstrates stronger hand-eye coordination
Can catch a ball
Can copy different shapes and like to make designs.
Improving on writing letters of alphabet
Able to dress themselves, although they may still need some help with difficult buttons or laces.
Able to follow rules to a game, therefore enjoy learning to play organized sports


Learning to express themselves well through words
Beginning to understand cause-and-effect relationships.
Increased awareness of right and wrong
Understanding the difference between "real" and "imaginary"
Beginning to enjoy independent reading
Starting to grasp the concept of time

Social & Emotional​

Love to show off talents
Want their parents to play with them and look for praise and affection
Usually like to play with friends of the same gender
Start to become more aware of emotions- both their own and the feelings of others


Are able to describe a favorite television show, movie, story, or other activity
Generally speak with correct grammar
Can spell some words or their name and can write some letters and numbers
Able to read some simple words

Parenting Tips

Provide consistent structure and routine at home to help your child adapt to the disciplined world of school.

Play physical games with your child. Throw balls, jump rope, or climb over obstacles. It’s a great time for kids to sharpen their coordination skills, which can help them feel more confident in themselves.

Make a point of attending your child’s school and sports events. It’s important for her to show off her accomplishments.

Be generous with praise.

Even though your child may be able to read on their own, keep reading together. Listening to you read expands their vocabulary even further. It’s also important to let them read out loud to you sometimes.

Your 6-year-old will be better able to understand other people’s feelings but may need some prompting from you. Ask questions like, “How do you think your friend felt when you said they couldn’t play with you?”