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5 Years Old

5 year old girl
Your child is getting older and more independent. She loves learning and is likely excited about starting school. With the new experiences she will encounter, she will learn new things every day and continue to mature. But even though she’s getting older, don’t forget to encourage her to use his imagination!

At five years old, your child should be able to dress and undress herself, as well as use a fork, spoon, and a table knife. She’ll also learn how to skip, swing, climb, hop on one foot, and turn somersaults

Vaccinations for this visit

○ Seasonal Influenza Vaccine

Potential School Forms

Your child may require a school health form be completed by your provider for pre-K or Kindergarten.

Additional Screenings at this visit

The following testing will be completed at the 5 year old check up.

Hearing Test
Vision Test