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"It is strange that only extraordinary men make the discoveries, which later appear so easy and simple."


We are proud to participate in clinical research.  Our interest in the health of your children extends beyond the day to day care we provide to you and your family. Through clinical research we aim to increase the medical community's knowledge and improve the health and care provided to all. Whether it's from documenting a rare clinical case, to learning more about common illnesses and treatments; testing new diagnostic tests for common pediatric illnesses; or monitoring the safety and efficacy of new vaccines, we strive to use research to enhance the well being of all children. We uphold the National Institute's of Health (NIH) standards of Good Clinical Practice and abide by all regulations thereto. This includes informed consent by you and assent by your children for participation in any studies as well as protecting the privacy of all health information. You or your child would never been involved in research without your written consent and knowledge to do so.

We thank all the families over the years that have participated in various studies.  Listed below are a few that we feel have made the largest impact on the health of children and medical practice as a whole. Headlines include:

  • The eye camera test is useful in preventing vision loss in children

  • Children with strep throat may return to school the next day after starting antibiotic therapy, but 10 days is necessary to completely erradicate the infection

  • Middle ear fluid can last for up to 90 days after an ear infection

  • Removing the ear wax from your child's ear really is necessary to rule out an ear infection

  • Chocolate syrup is the most palatable way to mask the taste of liquid medications

  • Your child is very unlikely to contract an illness from the beanie babies given out in the office

  • Rates of teenage drinking and marjiuana use may be higher than you think; and 

  • Beach week may not be so harmless for your teen . 

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