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Well Visit Guide

Looking to find out what to expect at the next visit?  You have come to the right place.  Fill out screening questionaires ahead of time and find out about the tests and vaccines due at your child's next visit in addition to having answers to your most common questions available to you.

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BIG IDEAS.  That is what Advanced Pediatrics is all about.  What good are those ideas if we don't share them with you?

Our committment to our families goes beyond the walls of the office.  We are engaged members of the community who believe our role in health and wellness is to share everything we know to make members of the community better parents and better people.  

One way to accomplish this lofty goal is through educational classes and workshops.  Some are free and others have fees attached to them.

Our regular offerings can be found on the left.  Just click and find the details on each or register for the class.   Keep up to date on our classes and new offerings through our FaceBook page.

Questions about vaccinations?

Advanced Pediatrics is steadfast in its commitment to the health of children and the critical role immunizations play in preserving that health.  The practice believes so much in their importance that we regularly contribute to the study and development of new vaccinations in research studies.  We have participated in trials for flu, pneumococcal, meningococcal, rotavirus, and pertussis vaccinations among many others.