Advanced Pediatrics

100 East Street SE, Suite 301

Vienna, VA 22180
(P) 703.938.5555

(F) 703.319.8580


For prescription refills call 703-938-5555 and press 4. Please have your pharmacy phone number, medication name, and dosage ready to give to the nurse.

Alternatively you may request your pharmacist send a request for a refill via our electronic prescription system RCopia.

Depending on the medication and your child's health history, an office visit may be required. All ADHD and mental health medication refills require an appointment.

If you are requesting a refill of a medication that another provider, such as a subspecialist has prescribed, we cannot fill it without a consultation note or documentation from that provider with the current medication dose on it.  It is encouraged that you seek such refills from the prescribing doctor.  Request that records always be forwarded to your primary physician for this reason!