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Patient Portal

Because we know you're busy... Use the Patient Portal to access records

Use the patient portal to have your children's medical information at your fingertips. Need a copy of their vaccine records? Need a copy of a school form? Need to know when they last had a check-up? Log-in to your family's portal page and the information is all yours without the hassle of calling or stopping by the office. 

Register by sending your email address to Include your children's first and last names and dates of birth.  You may register as a household under one email address, or each parent or guardian can register separately. Once your request is received by our office, you will be contacted by our staff to confirm your request and then receive a registration email from My Kids Chart.  Follow the set up instructions and you're all set!

Portal not intended as a substitute for medical care or triage services. Please do not message about medical conditions at this time. Instead, call our office at 703-938-5555 if you have medical questions or concerns about your child. Our medical staff will be happy to assist you. 

Portal does not yet support on-line appointment scheduling. For efficient appointment scheduling please call our clinic at 703-938-5555 and select the option for well child scheduling or triage services as needed for sick appointments. 

The privacy and security of your child's medical information is of the utmost importance to us.   The portal will protect your information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Our patient portal secures the medical information in a controlled, secure environment. All communications occur over a secure connection. Please review the Notice of Privacy Practices for details as how your information is protected. A review of terms and conditions is available at My Kids Chart.